BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti Caliper Marks for Industrial Crack Monitoring

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Last Revision Date
February 10, 2016

Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Measure cracks to .001” with precision calipers such as Mitutoyo®, Starrett®, and Fowler®

  • Patented caliper-channel design and epoxy chamber ensures consistent measurements every time

  • Corrosion-resistant titanium construction endures outdoor, marine and industrial use, including on curved surfaces

  • Buildera TamperLok™ tamper-resistant design features fastener and captive epoxy chamber

  • Engineered and made in the USA

Civil, Geotechnical & Structural Forensics

  • Airports, bridges, dams, highways, hydroelectric plants

  • Commercial and residential buildings, historic monuments

  • Foundations, basements, seismic retrofits, preservation

  • Industrial plants, petroleum rigs, ships

  • Power grid, transmission towers, nuclear reactors

Product Description

Specify BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti Caliper Marks for all indoor, outdoor, and corrosive environments where high reliability and vandal resistance are desirable.

BUILDERA manufactures the BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti from commercially-pure titanium to aid measurements of structural cracks to within ± 0.001” (± 0.025mm) typical resolution. The exclusive caliper- groove design confidently interlocks with user-supplied analog or digital calipers to improve measurement accuracy and consistency. Ideal for saltwater and harsh industrial outdoor use, all-titanium construction offers superior corrosion resistance—even when compared to type 316L stainless steel.

Mount with tamper-resistant stainless steel screws (supplied) and optional structural adhesive. Available in single-groove (TR50ti-A) and dual-groove (TR50ti-B) versions. Starter kit includes (1) TR50ti-A, (1) TR50ti-B, (2) anchors and (2) security fasteners.

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Ordering Information

BUILDERA CrackPoint™ TR50ti Kits (Retail)

Model TR50ti-Kit-1 (1 pair including fasteners)
816291010334 (UPC)

Model TR50ti-Kit-10 (10 pairs including fasteners)
816291010341 (UPC)

Model TR50ti-Kit-50 (50 pairs including fasteners)
81629101058 (UPC)


  • Stated quantity of CRACKPOINT pairs

  • Each pair includes (1) TR50ti-A (single groove) and (1) TR50ti-B (dual groove).

  • Alligator® A6 Anchors (1/4" hole required)

  • #8 x 1.5” flat-head TorxPlus® tamper-resistant stainless-steel screws (18-8 alloy)

  • Printed installation instructions

  • Epoxy and calipers sold separately

Bulk/Resale (50 Minimum Order Quantity per UPC)

BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti-A Caliper Marks (1 Caliper Groove)
816291010266 (UPC)

BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti-B Caliper Marks (2 Caliper Grooves)
816291010273 (UPC)

BUILDERA CRACKPOINT™ TR50ti-HW-10 Tamper-Resistant Mounting Hardware
816291010280 (UPC)

Model TR50ti-IPR20 Security TorxPlus® Bit
816291010297 (UPC)

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Engineering Specifications

Dimensions (Dia x H)
0.62” x 0.50” (16 x 13 mm)

Crack Width Range
0-12” caliper-dependent

± 0.001” (± 0.025mm)

± 0.002” (± 0.050mm)

1 (model TR50ti-1), 2 (model TR50ti-2)


R50400 (Grade 2 Commercially Pure). Certificate of origin available.

Country of Manufacture
USA (Patented)

Standard Finish
Natural titanium oxide (silver-gray)

Optional Color Finish (100 piece order min)
Potentiometric anodizing: light yellow, bronze, purple, dark blue, light blue

Fastener Mount (recommended method)
#8 x 1.5” Tamper-Resistant TorxPlus® flat head sheet-metal screw, 18-8 stainless-steel alloy, corrosion-resistant. When using security TorxPlus® fasteners, an IPR20 driver bit is required.

Epoxy Mount
Proprietary TamperLok™ adhesive well (patented)