STRUPOXY® 8101-5 Structural Epoxy

5-Minute Epoxy Adhesive for Installing Crack Monitors and General REpairs

Data Sheet & INstruction Guide, SDS, FAQ


  • Crack-monitor installations

  • Custom castings

  • General repairs—indoors, outdoors

  • Industrial, structural, dielectric, marine use

  • Bond ceramics, components, glass, plastics, metals, stone, wood

Features and Benefits

  • Does not drip, run or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces

  • Fast 5-minute thixotropic epoxy bonds to most building materials

  • Formulated for use with Buildera CRACKMON® and third-party crack monitors

  • Dual-barrel cartridge with removable cap preserves epoxy for multiple applications

  • High tensile strength and hardness with long-term exibility prevents cracking

  • Exothermic reaction hardens epoxy even at freezing temperatures

  • Resistant to alkalis, dilute acids, many fuels, salt spray, solvents and weathering

  • STRUPOXY™ kit includes 30 ml epoxy cartridge with mixing stick and instructions

Product Description

Buildera STRUPOXY (Aboweld 8101-5) is a commercial-grade, fast-setting, thixotropic1 (non- sagging), two-part epoxy adhesive suitable for attaching crack monitors to structural substrates such as brick, concrete, stone and other building materials. Its favorable structural properties and low water absorption make this adhesive well suited to many other uses inside and out. The proprietary formulation eliminates brittleness typical of many 5-minute epoxies. This all- weather epoxy cures even at freezing temperatures, creating a strong bond to most materials with a high lap-shear tensile strength. One tube contains approximately 25-30 cc of available material (after mixing)—typically enough for three or more crack-monitor installations. Uneven or o set surfaces may require more bridge material. 

Caution: Irritant—Keep Out of Reach of Children!

Contains epoxy resin and epoxy curing agents. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause dermatitis. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. Upon eye contact, rinse eyes thoroughly and get prompt medical attention. If taken internally, consult physician. Wear particle mask when sanding. Use adequate ventilation and protective clothing. Wash contaminated clothes.

Ordering Information

UPC 816291010099 | EAN 0816291010099

Premium structural mounting epoxy engineered for superior crack monitor installation to concrete, masonry, stucco, drywall, steel, wood, and other materials. Non-sagging, thixotropic adhesive won't run down walls or cause a runny mess typical of lower viscosity epoxies. Sets up and bonds in five minutes to clean substrates. Full cure in 24 hours. Available in bulk quantities at a discount. Contact Buildera.

Engineering Specifications

Part A (Resin)
Proprietary prepolymer

Part B (Hardener)
2,4,6-tris[(dimethylamino)methyl]phenol (>9.5%)

Mix Ratio

Shelf Life
12 months, typical

Material Bonding
Brick, ceramic, concrete, electrical, fiberglass, glass, plastics, leather, marble, metals, stone, wood

Pot Life
5 minutes @ 20 ºC (72 ºF)

Gel Time
5 minutes, 1.3 mm (0.05”)

Full Cure
24 hours

Specific Gravity
(A) 0.8-0.9, (B) 1.0-1.15


Chemical Reaction

Tensile Strength
1565 N/cm2 (2270 psi)

Shore D Hardness
13 after 10 min
33 after 30 min
60 after 1 hour
74 after 24 hours

Water Absorption
0.8% after 1 day

Thixotropic, Vaseline-like

Flash Point
>215 ºC (>419 ºF)

Storage Temperature
(15 to 24) ºC (60 to 75) ºF

Volume (Part A & B)
≈ 27 cc (≈ 0.9 fl oz)

Weight (Packaged)
≈ 140 g (≈ 5 oz)

Safety (HMIS) Part A & Part B
Health: 1
Flammability: 1
Physical Hazard: 1
Personal Protection: B

Country of Origin
Made in USA