TerraGard™ EarthSleeve™ Conduit Burial Armor

Buildera TerraGard™ EarthSleeve™ is a premium quality, dual-wall, adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable conduit and pipe armor designed to prevent water infiltration and corrosion in conduit buried in earth or passing through concrete. Soils and concrete are naturally corrosive. And while plastic pipe is commonly used today, semi or rigid metal conduit is often required for strength, improved noise immunity, and grounding.

Without proper protection, even galvanized steel can rust when exposed to moisture or corrosive leaching of concrete elements. Pipe wraps and tapes are useful, but are labor intensive and typically do not provide waterproofing capability. 

Available in sizes ranging up to 2" in diameter, Buildera TerraGard™ EarthSleeve™ is a smart choice for protecting electrical conduit, gas lines, water supply lines, and foundation risers. It can also be used above ground to help prevent premature rusting of metal conduit in marine and salt-air environments. TerraGard™ EarthSleeve ™is cheap insurance to ensure a water-tight seal of all types of pipes, conduits, and transitions.

For additional technical information, custom imprinting and lead times, please contact Buildera Sales.