Buildera is assembling a federated team of self-motivated, collaborative, diverse talent who innovate and think outside the box. If you're passionate, creative, have high integrity, and love what you do, we want to hear from you. Buildera is seeking partnerships, alliances, and consultants in the following areas:

Sales & Distribution

  • Building products distributors (local and national)
  • Manufacter reps
  • Building materials and supply retailers
  • International distributors by country


  • Mechanical engineer (3D printing, molding, metal fabrication, casting, finishing, laser etching)
  • Thermodynamics engineer
  • Mobile applications engineer (iOS for iPhone/iPad, scanning technology, image processing)
  • Web/cloud engineer (subscription services, back-end hosting, thin client apps)

Graphic Design

  • Graphic artist for web and packaging design/labeling

College Internships

Buildera offers defined, project-based internships and part-time consulting opportunities to qualified college students and recent graduates seeking hands-on experience in sales, marketing, public relations. If you have particular skills that will drive Buildera revenue or marketing reach, please let us know. Opportunities include development of customer case studies, testimonials, global distribution channels, PR, marketing and engineering.


Please contact us with your interest and qualifications and include a link to your LinkedIn Profile.