BUILDERA TRACARD® 3D Crack Documenting System

Modular Tracking System Simplifies Field Data Gathering and Analysis

Product Overview

Deter. Detect. Defend. That's 3D. Measuring and monitoring cracks in high-value structures is serious business. Now, documenting, organizing and safeguarding crack measurements is easier than ever. Introducing the BUILDERA TRACARD® Crack Documenting System—only from BUILDERA. When used in conjunction with BUILDERA Crack Monitors, the TRACARD System is a handy way to document crack displacement measurements in the field, and organize them later for trend analysis and reporting. Available as complete kits and bulk refills, the TRACARD offers superior reliability to plain-paper tracking sheets that typically accompany most crack monitors. Buildera lab tests show 100% legibility of the TRACARD, even after 48 hours of continuous immersion in tap water. The special combination of papers and inks interlock to form a tough chemical bond that holds up over time, including for use in legal disputes if ever needed.

  • Deter. Use BUILDERA CRACKMON crack monitors and BUILDERA TRACARD at the first sign of cracks to help deter against future problems. Establishing an early baseline is key to understanding differential settlement or soil issue, which can be seasonal.

  • Detect. With regular monitoring, when changes occur, you'll know quickly and can compare to the baseline measurements. Early detection is key to costly structural repairs later.

  • Defend. Good documentation is key to ensuring structural safety for habitants and workers alike. BUILDERA TRACARD makes rigorous record-keeping possible by keeping you organized in the field an back at the office. This helps you to defend the integrity of the structure and the people and businesses that inhabitants.

Typical Applications

  • Concrete foundations and retaining walls

  • Floors, walls, ceilings

  • Driveways and hardscaping

  • Seismic and structural remediation

  • Geo-technical forensics

  • Differential settlement in expansive soils

  • Soil subsidence and shifting

  • Ground compaction monitoring

  • Bridges, roadways, tunnels and other high-value civil structures

  • Asset protection and legal documentation before, during, and after construction

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with all BUILDERA CRACKMON and third-party crack monitors

  • Professional appearance keeps project data organized and easy to review

  • Low-cost consumables provide cost-effective way to spot trends over time

  • 200%-magnified scale improves displacement discrimination and legibility for reports

  • Compact business-card size (2 x 3.5”) fits in shirt pocket or wallet

  • Durable polypropylene BUILDERA TRACARD case protects cards from damage during transport

  • Crystal-clear archival-grade three-ring sleeves simplify document scanning and storage

  • BUILDERA GEOQR™ Technology speeds on-line ordering and instructions via mobile phones

  • Recommended TRACARD kits eliminate hassle of ordering and stocking multiple products



Ordering Information

BUILDERA TRACARD® 3D Crack Progress Chart (50-Pack) | Bulk Refill Laminated Tracking Cards
UPC 816291010082 | EAN 0816291010082

BUILDERA TRACARD® 3D ProPak Structural Crack Documenting Kit (50-Pack + Accessories)
UPC 816291010075 | EAN 0816291010075

BUILDERA TRACARD® 3D StarterPak (12-Pack with Case)
UPC 816291010068 | EAN 0816291010068