Got Cracks?™ Customer Case Study Program

Application Survey, Photo Upload, and License Agreement


Thank you for your interest in the Buildera Got Cracks?™ Customer Case Study Program. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. Upon submission, Buildera will review your submission and assess its fit for our target customers.

If we accept your submission, Buildera will conduct a brief follow-up phone interview and professionally edit your submission to create a 1-3 page customer case study that features you and your company. You will have an opportunity to review the final draft prior to public distribution on any medium. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Program Benefits

  • Promote your industry expertise, career and company profile—all for free!
  • Share best practices in structural crack monitoring with architects, contractors, engineers, inspectors and property owners
  • Be the first to test new Buildera structural crack monitoring products, including Beta products where applicable
  • Enjoy a complimentary gift card upon final publication and signed approval by your company

Photo and File Upload Instructions

Photos and Graphics

Photos are not required to submit an initial proposal, however, they are required for the final publication. To improve your chances for acceptance, we encourage you to submit any photos with your application, including from a mobile phone.

  • FILE FORMAT (Photos): JPEG or PNG (.jpg, .jpeg. .png) for photos (please save at highest quality)
  • FILE FORMAT (Graphics): Vector format for graphics (.AI or PDF)
  • PIXEL DIMENSIONS: At least 1,500 (w) x 1,000 (h) pixels, with 4,000 (w) x 3,000 (h) pixels preferred
  • FILE SIZE: 10MB recommended maximum per unique file
  • IMAGE QUALITY: Images shall be focused, clear, with good lighting and contrast. We regret that blurry or otherwise poor image quality will not be usable by our editors
  • NUMBER OF IMAGES: Please upload 2 to 5 high quality images. More are acceptable, but not required. Select from among your best images if you have several to share.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only upload one image or file at a time. Repeat the process until you have uploaded all required photos. Upload time will vary greatly depending on your internet connection and the size of the file. Please allow up to several minutes per file to complete the uploading process. You will see the uploading status. Once the upload is complete, you should see a "success" message indicating that your files were successfully uploaded. You may now select another file to upload. If for any reason you are unable to upload your files successfully, please contact Buildera for alternative methods, including email.

File Uploads

Please include a brief description of each photo and your email address with each upload. This ensures that we can correctly explain the application and match the photo content to the correct customer. Repeat the upload process for each unique photo.

Terms and Conditions of License

Please read carefully the terms and instructions prior to uploading any content. All uploaded text, images and files are encrypted and securely stored in the cloud, powered by Box.

All content that you submit to Buildera shall be governed by the internationally accepted Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ("Agreement"). Your participation in this program is voluntary and does not require or assume any endorsement of Buildera products or services by you or the company you represent. By sharing your application and uploading content or images to Buildera, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this license Agreement. You also expressly agree:

  • To allow, in Buildera's sole discretion, the reproduction of your application, quotes, testimonials, photos and graphics on Buildera and partner websites, as well as in marketing documents, technical papers, industry presentations, press releases, social media, blogs, newsletters as well as online, print and broadcast advertising that may feature customer testimonials from time to time;
  • To disclose your name, title/position, company, and general geographic region in conjunction with your public testimonial (Buildera will not reveal any email address, phone number or street address associated with your testimonial);
  • To grant Buildera a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free use of complete or derivative works of any photographic or graphics images, provided that attribution to you (or the original copyright holder) is stated, consistent with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License terms and conditions;
  • To certify that you are the original copyright owner of any original works, including photos and graphics, or that you have been lawfully delegated the authority to represent by proxy the interests of a bona-fide third-party providing such copyrighted content.
  • For the complete License Agreement, please visit the Creative Commons link below: